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What You'll Get--The Plan Package
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Garage Loft Plans $250.00 -- 5 sets
Plan Price A: 0 - 1499 sq. ft From $450.00 -- 1 set
Plan Price B: 1500 - 1999 sq. ft. From $550.00 -- 1 set
Plan Price c: 2000 - 3499 sq. ft From $650.00 -- 1 set
Plan Price c: 3500 - 5000 sq. ft From $750.00 -- 1 set
Additional Right Reading Reverse Fee $50.00
Additional Sets $50.00
Materials List $50.00
Regular Shipping $20.00
UPS 2nd Day $30.00

Number of Sets Needed
Four sets of one plan is the usual minimum number required: your contractor, local building department, financing institution, appropriate government insuring agency, yourself for future use. An extra set can save time and money replacing lost or damaged blueprints. Subcontractors may also require an additional set or sets. Our standard Plan Package is 5 sets.

Reverse Plans
If you desire, we will furnish reverse plans. If you find that a particular house plan would suit you or your lot better if it were reversed, we will (on request) send the blueprints in reverse of what is shown. There is an additional $50.00 fee for this service.

Blueprint Changes
Your contractor can make changes in dimensions on your plans, in most instances with little trouble. However, if you wish to make serious alterations in the plans, why not look a bit further among our other plans? You may find exactly what you want in another plan, or you may find one that can meet your requirements with only minor changes.

Exterior Materials
If, for example, the house plan calls for frame siding, you can build it of brick, concrete block or other material. Your contractor can do this easily--only the width of the exterior walls must be adjusted.

What You'll Get--The Plan Package
Each blueprint package provides clear and concise plans with technical points covered in easy-to-understand language. Here's everything you need, in blueprint form, to show your builder to give you the home you've always wanted. The package includes the following:

  • Foundation plan - Drawn to 1/4" scale, this page shows all necessary notations and dimensions including support columns, walls and excavated and unexcavated areas. Most of our plans show a basement and alternate crawl space or slab plan.
  • Exterior Elevations - A blueprint picture of all four sides showing exterior materials and measurements.
  • Floor plans - Detailed plans, drawn to 1/4" scale for each level showing room dimensions, wall partitions, windows, etc. as well as the location of electrical outlets and switches.
  • Cross Section - A vertical cutaway view of the house from roof to foundation showing details of framing, construction, flooring and roofing.
  • Interior Elevations - Detailed drawings of kitchen cabinet elevations and other elements as required.

Plans Sold Nationwide
Because our working-drawing blueprints are sold all over the country, local building standards, such as energy-related codes, may vary from area to area and must be understood to take precedence in actual construction. These blueprints can only conform to local standards by reference to local building codes, public utility company regulations, etc. in your area. In addition, certain elements such as the heating plant must be determined locally, depending on climate, building practices, and on costs which vary from region to region, to insure their most efficient and economical utilization.

Terms of Sale
All plans sold through this web site are protected under the Federal Copyright Act. Reproduction of the working-drawing blueprints or illustrations is strictly prohibited. The purchaser of working-drawing blueprints is licensed to build only one house and the plans cannot be resold.


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